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An Interview with Roman Sledziejowski – Co-Founder of Savant Strategies

Roman Sledziejowski



Roman Sledziejowski is a Polish-conceived American money manager. He started his expert profession in New York City at Salomon Smith Barney, Member of Travelers Group at 17 years old where he worked for the venture bank parttime all through his last year of secondary school.

At 18 years old, he turned into the most youthful National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) authorized stockbroker in the United States and started working all day as an Investment Associate at Smith Barney, a Member of Citigroup.

Then, at that point, at 25 years old, Roman Sledziejowski turned into the Senior Vice President and Investment Officer of Wachovia Securities. At the time it was the third biggest venture company in the United States with more than 10,000 merchants working in 700 office areas and $680 billion in resources under administration.

While at Wachovia Securities, Roman Sledziejowski started to make individual interests in multi-family investment properties in New York, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Through different associations, Roman Sledziejowski bought and yet again grew almost 400 private units somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2009.

In 2006, Roman Sledziejowski established Innovest Holdings, a New York City-based monetary holding organization. Innovest Holdings worked through four principle auxiliaries: TWS Financial, LLC: a full-administration agent vendor situated in Washington, DC with more than $500 million in yearly market exchanges, adjusting fundamentally unfamiliar high total assets individual clients and worldwide monetary foundations. one of the main internet based Broker/Dealer stages at that point, taking care of individual financial backers. TWS Investment Partners, LLC: a land speculation and money organization with more than $100 million in land projects, and TWS Capital Partners, LLC: a seaward venture consultant with client resources surpassing $1 billion.

In 2007, Roman Sledziejowski helped to establish MyPlace Development, Sp. Z o.o., a Poznan, a Poland-based land improvement organization. In December of 2009, RJS finished the offer of his premium in MyPlace Development for $7.3 million in real money to Kulczyk Real Estate Holding SARL in Luxembourg.

In 2013, Roman Sledziejowski helped to establish Savant Strategies, a worldwide administration counseling firm that gives the board counseling administrations to center market organizations basically in Latin America, Europe, and South Africa. Then, at that point, in 2021, Roman Sledziejowski assumed the job of Vice Chairman at Savant Strategies.

We got the opportunity to meet with Roman Sledziejowski where he shared everything from how he oversees pressure in his expert life to the guidance he’d give his more youthful self.

What are a portion of the keys to viable direction?

Knowing whatever number realities as could be expected under the circumstances about the current circumstance is irrefutably the way to settling on any informed choices.

Individuals frequently hurry to settle on choices before they completely appreciate the variables in general and powers included.

What rules do you use to choose what to do yourself and what to delegate to other people?

I attempt to be straightforward with myself and consistently recollect what my assets and shortcomings are. Except if there is definitely no alternate way, I attempt to handle nothing that I am bad at or detest doing.

How would you deal with the pressure of the relative multitude of things you can’t finish?

To the degree conceivable, I attempt to carry on with my life in “day-tight compartments” recalling that tomorrow is generally one more day to finish things.

What is the greatest slip-up you see others making in business?

Confusing a smart thought with a feasible business idea.

What exhortation could you give your more youthful self?

Esteem your time. Time is the most significant product you have. Try not to squander it on things and individuals who are not worth the effort.

Most importantly, don’t extended yourself excessively far, as it will without a doubt prompt disappointment.

What is the best $100 you as of late spent? What and why? (individual or expert)

I purchased a rare Blackberry telephone to use for work. I failed to remember how unfathomably better than the present-day chimes as a whole and whistles gadgets a somewhat basic, yet incredibly dependable cell phone can be for useful work to finish.

How does your organization help the local area?

Given the way that we work in different locales, it’s difficult to connect our association with one specific local area. Nonetheless, this enables us to grow our span.

We monetarily and in any case support various altruistic drives that our colleagues have a firm opinion about and volunteer their experience with.

For what reason is your city an extraordinary spot to live and work?

I love the speed of life in my city and individuals that I have the delight of cooperating with both in an expert and individual limit.

Generally, individuals here are extremely kind, great hearted, respectable, fair, and above all miss the mark on “merciless” disposition and conduct which is normal in numerous metropolitan conglomerations.

Life has a lot more slow speed to a great extent is more opportunity to partake in the straightforward things.

Absence of inordinate traffic, clog, and air contamination are every one of the a significant in addition to too.

What is the one book that you suggest everybody should peruse and why?

Dale Carnegie’s “The manner by which to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. These days like never before we are altogether inclined to go through times of tension, outrage, and disappointment. I attempt to peruse this book something like one time each year and I enthusiastically prescribe it to everybody ready to peruse with a totally “open” outlook.

It was composed quite some time in the past, yet it is similarly as pertinent now as it was the point at which it was first distributed.

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