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Amazing 10 Movies To Learn Economics



It’s not something that can be learned only from journals or books. In fact, since it is an integral element of modern life it is possible to watch a variety of excellent films focusing on subjects related to economics. From the financial crisis of 2008 to the creation theories of games, films have explored a range of subjects that are relevant to economists. When you’re choosing the perfect film for your next movie night, consider one of these films which economists will appreciate.

  1. Too Big To Fail

A documentary that is based of the book Big to Fail An Insider’s Story about how Wall Street and Washington Fought to save the Financial System – and themselves, which focuses on what happened in 2008 as well as how it got there. You can easily watch this on sdmoviespoint at any time. The film is told from the perspective of key players within the various financial institutions working to stop the global economic collapse. 

  1. Moneyball

The movie that got everyone interested in the field of statistics. Moneyball is inspired by a real story of a head coach of the Oakland A’s baseball team, who utilized statistics to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his players and transforming his team from the bottom of the league to becoming a top team. The economists will be delighted to see statistics used in real-world scenarios and will appreciate the facts that the statisticians are the main characters in the film. For more information on stats in sports read our comprehensive analysis about the topic!

  1. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is a thriller featuring Richard Gere as a hedge fund manager who is involved in fraudulent accounting practices, in secret, in order to hide his losses, and to stay out of being prosecuted for fraud. When a car crash could expose his secret and he has to decide on how to deceive the police to safeguard his secrets.

  1. “The Wolf Of Wall Street

Another film that is that is based on a real tale, this movie follows the rise and decline of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker in the 80s who made millions of dollars through corruption and fraud. It depicts the most outrageous lavishness that was this period of Wall Street boom years, the film was a huge popular with the general public due to its moral inconsistency and an all-star cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio. Just do a my5tv activate and enjoys such movies.

  1. Wall Street

A film that had the same theme as Wolf of Wall Street, this 1980s drama stars Michael Douglas as a stockbroker who is entangled with a corporate raider that has unsavory plans. A look at life as a 1980s trader at its most shady and outrageous and shady ways, the film explores the morality of wealth, morality and the power of the soaring corporate world of the top.

  1. The Informant!

For a lighthearted comedy crime movie with an economics focus, you should check out The Informant, a 2009. Matt Damon movie The Informant! Based on the true account of a whistleblower’s story in which he discloses a price fixing conspiracy in his workplace to the FBI The film is a story of a whistleblower while he attempts to gather evidence against his employer. With a funny, humorous approach, the film takes a look at how corporate fraud takes place and the obstacles to stopping it.

  1. The Big Short

Another biographical film that focuses on the 2008 financial crisis, this one is worth watching for the distinctive way that financial instruments are explained. Through cameos by well-known stars and fourth-wall-breaking conversations into film, the film provides information on concepts like collateralised debt and subprime mortgages obligations in a way that is easy to understand.

  1. A Beautiful Mind

A fictionalized account about the story of John Nash, the mathematician who invented game theory, that would later become an important subject in the field of economics research. The film explores both Nash’s mathematical works as well as the schizophrenia was his condition The film became a huge film, and was highly praised by historians and people working who work in mathematics.

  1. Inside Job

Another documentary on the financial system. This one concentrates on the US specifically and how the industry of financial services has risen in power and facilitated corruption over the last couple of years. The film is split into five parts. it briefly examines the history of the financial industry prior to going on to the start of the 2000s’ bubble, the recession and the current situation.

  1. Margin Call

Another film that focuses on this year’s financial crises the fictorialized drama takes place over the course of 24 hours in the largest Wall Street investment bank as the crisis is beginning to unfold. A thrilling and high-energy film with a cast that includes prominent names, this is not one to miss.


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