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5 ways video marketing helps tech businesses in branding and marketing



Technology is booming at a rocket speed and it has encouraged many small and big entrepreneurs to start their tech companies/start-ups. However, with an increasing number of players, it becomes difficult to acquire the market. The challenge is how to convey your message in the crowded galleys of advertising, and marketing. For that you need an interactive and dynamic content format gently pushed through an efficient medium with excellent presentation and a human approach. Video marketing is one such format that allows you to communicate directly and connect deeply with your targeted audiences and enjoy better business opportunities. Here are a few major benefits of using Video marketing for technology enterprises and start-ups:

Enables you to make a fast impact

With the fast decreasing attention span of visitors on the internet, you need to make an impact fast. The initial 3-5 seconds are crucial for creating engagement. Some studies suggest that if you are not able to hook their attention within that period, the visitors start losing their interest rapidly and may eventually jump off your site to find a better option. It costs you traffic, sales, and opportunities. 

 However, with smart video marketing techniques, you can easily capture the attention of your visitors and persuade them to continue exploring your site. Videos are also consumed widely on social media which means you can also use them for gaining better social media traction.

Simplifies complicated tech concepts

 Especially when you are explaining complicated concept or theories, it is much easier to put across your point through explainer videos, rather than text. The matter that needs tons of words and complex language in the text can be easily explained through videos. Simplify is the watchword here. By simplifying your concepts and practically demonstrating its real-life process/applications, you can invite more visitors and convert them into committed audiences and paying customers with fewer efforts. >>

Increases SERPs traffic

To get more organic traffic, you need to be up on the game of SEO. Content plays the king’s role here. With changing content consumption habits, more visitors are getting interested in video material. Studies also prove that embedding videos into your blog posts, website content, emails o,r other text format can multiply their impact and reach. 

Besides, publishing a video on your page boosts the average dwell time and is an important ranking metric, it sends a positive message to Google. As a result, it eventually starts improving your SERPs ranking allowing your site to move up the ladder. 

Helps audiences to absorb more information

 Along with information consumption it is equally – if not more, important than how much information your visitors can digest. Absorbing complex information could be challenging for many while others struggle to remember the figures or stats. Text material makes things even more difficult for them with intimidating long paragraphs, different figures, and complicated visual formats. With videos, you can communicate the same data-rich information in a simple way that makes it easy for audiences to grasp, understand and retain it for longer. 


Moreover, as video material engages multiple senses (watching, listening, and reading) you can gently push your message through multiple gateways, making it easier for audiences’ brains to naturally soak your message to its fullest. Informing your audiences is the first way to influence their decisions and it eventually helps in achieving business objectives with right strategies

Popular medium for building stronger presence

 Along with the message, the medium is also important. As the second most visited search platform YouTube gives you a ready benefit of volume.>>

With the help of agile and crisp videos you can build a strong presence on Youtube and create a loyal community of audiences. It familiarizes you and your brand to a large number of audiences and thus multiplies your business opportunities & video cutter


Gain more traction on social media

The success of a digital marketing campaign largely depends upon its social media traction. Videos have emerged as the most shared content format on Facebook. Even professional networking giant like LinkedIn is also experiencing a huge increase in video content on its platform. 

The majority of influencers generally embed videos to increase the impact of their posts and attract a wider number of audiences. Moreover, being interactive the videos also prompt users to engage and comment which also strengthens the overall algorithms on social media sites and eventually results in pushing up your posts to the top bracket. 

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