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Checkout The Best Islands in The Maldives You Can’t-Miss



The Maldives is a paradise on the earth planet. Clearwater and snow-white sand – almost everyone has seen these photos. Maldivian islands are among the most beautiful for a reason. Thanks to the Maldives is called the most beautiful island. You checkout also the best island in the Maldives for your honeymoon.

Beautiful beach with fine sand. Corals are to thank for that. It takes centuries for coral gardens to grow lush because coral growth is only a few centimeters a year.  Winds and water transform corals into limestone, which eventually becomes snow-white sand. A coral beach can be found on 5% of the world’s beaches, and even in sweltering temperatures, the sand remains cool to the touch.

Lagoons and coral gardens: Tourists come to the Maldives to see the underwater world. There are over a thousand islands, each on average no more than a kilometer long and several hundred meters wide – surrounded by a lagoon with stunningly beautiful coral reefs and thousands of marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Maldives make these islands one of the most attractive in the world.

Tropical vegetation: The coconut palm, the breadfruit tree, the mangroves, and the flowering shrubs, all this against a backdrop of turquoise lagoons and white sand looks like a corner of paradise.

Ideal temperature: The islands of the Maldives are located on the equator. It’s always comfortable to walk here in the Maldives no matter the season, especially watching the sunsets and auroras that are considered a Maldivian specialty. The air temperature never drops below +26 in the Maldives, even at night, and the water is always between +24 and +27 degrees.

Luxury Villas: Due to the size of the islands in the Maldives, there is a belief that there should be one hotel per island.  A highlight is the water villas which are only found on a few other islands in the world. The affordable luxury bungalows in the Maldives draw thousands of tourists each year. All you have to do is decide which is the most beautiful island.


We start with the Island Duo – Their highlight is that the islands are side by side and united by a romantic bridge. Photos can look great – Instagram followers will be jealous.

Play – for outdoor enthusiasts. A tropical oasis, the island itself has beach villas and is surrounded by tropical vegetation.

Chill – Hotel Niyama Private Islands Maldives combines two islands for those who came to relax.

Drift Spa Essentials luxury spa is located above the lagoon, baths, and Jacuzzis with lime tree gardens – the perfect landscape for relaxation. Explorers Kids Club and Float Water Entertainment Center – all for guests of all ages, even small children. Biologists lead sea excursions in which they not only explain corals but also show attendees how they can plant them. For gourmets – 9 restaurants with fine cuisine. 2 exotic restaurants – Nest and Subsix. The first is located at a height of 6 meters among the trees, the second at a depth of 6 meters in the Indian Ocean.


Dhigali Maldives Hotel is located on the island. All this is thanks to the hotel’s design solutions, which blend harmoniously into the nature of the island. Here, there is no advantage of architecture over the environment, which is sometimes the case with modern hotels. Wide snow-white beaches, wooden paths on the sand, pools of sculpted form, gazebos in tropical gardens – beautiful nature under and above water.

Compared to other islands in the Maldives, Dhigali is large, so you can explore it by moving around in buggy buses. If you want to walk, it is best to do so barefoot or in very comfortable shoes.

The hotel offers Dhigali Spa center services. Here you can not only book massages and beauty treatments but also attend yoga and meditation classes. The island has 8 restaurants and bars. Guests can sample local dishes while watching the Maldivian sunset at Faru Restaurant. Sample premium wines at the East Bay. Entertainment for children aged 4 to 12 are also offered at the kids’ club. 


Another pair of islands are included in the selection of the most beautiful in the Maldives. Here you will be surprised by the underwater solution of the complex.

The first advantage is a good location – you can get from the capital Male to the island by seaplane in 30 minutes.

It has consistently been ranked among the world’s best hotels, which is another advantage. In 2018, for example, Time Magazine ranked the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel among the top 100 vacation destinations in the world.

Another unquestionably attractive aspect is the bridge that connects the islands with a ferry.

Fourth, Conrad owns the world’s first underwater villa, The Muraka. The island is inhabited by a unique underwater world here, adding to its beauty.

The fifth highlight is the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant. Imagine: on the table, dishes from the best chefs in the world, and outside, a variety of the best underwater world.

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