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Keeping Your Workplace Safe and Efficient with a Commercial Electrician



As an employer, you have a responsibility to create a workplace that is as safe as possible. One of the simple things you can do to protect your employees is to address potential electrical hazards.

A commercial electrician can help you create a safer workplace, and they can also improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability of your business.

Read on to learn 9 ways a commercial electrician can help you maintain a safe and effective workplace.

Commercial Electricians Can Implement Risk Control Measures

By helping you implement risk control measures, a commercial electrician can prevent electrical hazards from ever occurring.

Some of the risk control methods a commercial electrician can use include:


  • Eliminating the chance of exposure to live electricity
  • Thoroughly checking equipment, wiring, and leads for wear and tear
  • Installing extra safety switches (also known as Residual Current Devices or RCDs)
  • Making recommendations that help you avoid overloading outlets
  • Installing new circuit breakers
  • And more

Maintenance Can Keep Your Equipment in Prime Condition

Commercial electricians can advise you on how often you need maintenance and carry out work on your behalf. To meet Australian electrical standards, you must choose a Licenced Electrician or Registered Electrical Contractor. This will ensure all electrical maintenance is completed thoroughly, protecting your team and ensuring your business remains compliant.

Commercial Electricians Offer Visual Inspections as well as Testing and Tagging

A commercial electrician can cast their trained eye over your equipment to determine if there is an issue. As well as visual inspections, commercial electricians offer testing and tagging.

Using specialist equipment, your electrician will identify faults and damage that are invisible even to their trained eye. Once a piece of equipment is deemed safe to use, it can be tagged as safe. A tagged piece of equipment will generally include a recommended date for the next test and tag.

If you want to check the condition of your business’s electrical appliances, ask a commercial electrician about testing and tagging today.

Lightning Protection Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Lightning strikes can disrupt your electrical equipment and lead to building damage and fires.

Lighting protection involves installing a series of rods and cables around your building. When lightning strikes, this system carries the lightning safely away from your building and underground. These systems will not attract lightning, nor will they provide surge protection, so they should be implemented alongside other measures.

However, if lightning does hit, this system can protect your people, your property, and your operations.

1.Circuit Breaker Testing Can Prevent an Annoyance and Promote Safety

Are your circuit breakers tripping every time you use a specific piece of equipment?

A commercial electrician can complete circuit breaker testing and determine if faulty equipment or a damaged circuit breaker is to blame. They can then get everything working at its best once more.

You can also arrange proactive circuit breaker testing to detect issues before they cause problems. This helps you to avoid damaged equipment, business disruptions, and electrical injuries.

2.Switchboard Maintenance Keeps the Electricity Flowing

Old and faulty switchboards can contribute to power failures, equipment damage, and dangerous electrical hazards. Scheduled switchboard testing can minimise all these risks while extending the life of your switchboard, preventing the need for costly early upgrades.

3.Commercial Electricians Can Solve Common Electrical Issues Quickly

We’ve already mentioned tripped circuit breakers and electrical hazards, but that’s just the start of what a commercial electrician can do. A licenced professional can solve all the most common electrical problems in your office or on your worksite.

From dead outlets to sparking switches, buzzing appliances to flickering lights, a commercial electrician can do it all.

4.     You Can Save Energy and Money by Calling a Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician can help you identify new ways to reduce electricity consumption, slash your power bills, and increase your energy efficiency. As well as this, a commercial electrician can provide repair services that last, meaning you don’t need to worry about costly repeat repairs.


By improving your energy efficiency, you can also enhance your sustainability credentials. Sustainable practices are becoming more popular by the day, so taking these steps could elevate your brand in the eyes of prospective customers and business partners.


Overall, asking a commercial electrician about energy efficiency is a great way to boost your Return on Investment and improve business profitability.

5.     Take Control of Your Lighting

For many businesses, lighting will account for many electrical costs. Therefore, getting your lighting under control is an important step to take.

Ask your commercial electrician about energy-efficient lighting, sensor lights, or lights that automatically switch off after hours. You won’t regret investing in modern, automated, and energy-efficient lighting systems. They are highly convenient and a great way to slash your electricity bill.

6.     If You’re Relocating, Talk to a Commercial Electrician First!

There is a lot that a commercial electrician can do to ensure your next move is a wise one.


Ask a commercial electrician to conduct safety inspections and energy-efficient assessments before committing to a new office or worksite. Important things to check include emergency lighting, maintenance logs, and the general electrical condition of the building. A commercial electrician will know exactly what to look for, making do diligence easy.


Does Your Workplace Need a Commercial Electrician? 

Working with a commercial electrician can lead to a range of positive outcomes for your business, from energy efficiency to cost savings, workplace safety to electrical compliance. If any of the points above apply to your business, take the next step and call an electrician today.

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