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Why to choose claim adjusters for storm damage?



Public Adjusters are state qualified and educated specialists in property insurance loss adjustment. When a policyholder suffers a covered loss, they hire and use these professionals only to help with the process of preparing, submitting, managing, and negotiating an insurance claim settlement.

Most significantly, storm damage claim adjustersrepresent policyholders before their insurance company, handling every aspect of the claim and collaborating closely with the policyholder to offer the most fair and quick settlement possible. They are champions for the client.

When a professional public insurance adjuster reviews the insured’s policy, he or she should check the loss site quickly, record damage to personal property and document the analysis of that damage, compile evidence to support the claim and evaluate current replacement prices.

When is it appropriate to hire claims adjuster?

An independent claims adjuster isn’t necessary in all cases, but there are some. In most cases, if you’ve received an estimate from a contractor and your insurance company agrees to pay the repair charges requested, you don’t need to challenge the claim. There are several clear scenarios in which an independent claims adjuster should be consulted:


  • You’ve studied your policy and feel that the insurance company undervalues or misrepresents your damages or denies your claim unjustly.
  • The insurance company refuses to compromise.
  • If you’ve talked with contractors, they’re certain that your home’s repairs will cost significantly more than your insurance adjuster’s estimate.
  • There is a disagreement between the insurance company and you regarding whether your hurricane damage was caused by a covered or an excluded risk, such as natural flood water.
  • The insurance company is giving you a hard time about submitting a claim months or years after the storm since the damage wasn’t found soon away.


Why should a policyholder employ a public adjuster, and what are the potential advantages for the insured? Here are a few significant benefits:

  1.  Defending Your Claim

In order to secure the greatest payout on your claim and ensure that the procedure is carried out properly and error-free, you need someone experienced in “insurance speak” and the nuances of policy terminology. There have been several situations when a policyholder was either informed or assumed they were not covered for a loss where we discovered coverage.

  1. Experience and skills

While solving a math issue is a piece of cake, deciphering your insurance policy’s confusing jargon will need time and knowledge that you don’t have. Many adjusters, whether it be an insurance company adjuster, independent adjuster hired by the insurance company or a public adjuster all have their own methodologies in assessing damages.

  1. Avoiding mistakes

When filing a claim, it’s important to take your time and make sure you don’t make any mistakes when valuing the loss and identifying and accounting for personal property and valuables. Another issue is allowing repair contractors to remove or trash items before it has been properly recorded. Making one error while completing your insurance claim might result in not getting a sufficient reimbursement for your harm.

  1. Network of Connections

An experienced public adjusting agency will have the proper contacts in their database to be able to have the damage cleaned up and rectified swiftly. Whether it’s plumbers, contractors, roofers, mould or cleanup businesses. Use an experienced public adjuster to manage the complexities of your insurance claim settlement and get you back on track when you need someone you can trust the most.


By advocating for policyholders, regulating their expectations, and settling claims equitably, the public adjuster is an essential link in the insurance claims process. In our litigious age, many homeowners assume their only option is to hire an attorney to battle the insurance company, while this is absolutely a possibility.  The main truth is that there are many choices for homeowners to protect themselves throughout the insurance claim process. Don’t skimp on the quality of your work.


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