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What Parents should know about American Curriculum Education



ASCS is an American school that follows the strict U.S. Common Core curriculum. The common Core curriculum was created by a team of creators who compared curricula from around the world. It was designed to be comprehensive and comparable with the best curriculum in the world. Every state in the United States was encouraged to adopt U.S. Common Core standards, and to modify them to meet their needs and population.

ASCS chose the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards. This is a rigorous, evidence-based curriculum that is relevant and challenging. Our focus is not on the curriculum. We help students become creative, innovative citizens of the world through a student-centered learning environment that fosters a sense of well-being. Through the School Life (wellbeing) program and extracurricular activities, we aim to instill in our students exemplary character as well as life-long learning skills. Each ASCS School learner will feel safe, valued, accepted, and happy. We believe that the New York State curriculum has resulted in high levels of parent satisfaction and a high-quality model that integrates parent involvement. This is a benefit to UAE students and their families.

There are many benefits to an American curriculum based upon the U.S. Common Core Learning Standards.

  • These standards are internationally recognized
  • Many CCLS questions evaluate multiple skills, which allows for greater problem-solving and critical thinking. Writing, reading, and other important subjects are still required.
  • CCLS allows teachers to monitor student progress over the course of the year in greater detail. This allows them to develop customized plans that address any deficiencies immediately.
  • Students in CCLS programs have a better understanding of what they’re learning and why it is being taught.
  • In the past, students were able to simply find the right answer. CCLS requires them to go beyond that. Students must be able show how they came up with their answer, and then be able defend it.

The challenges faced by newcomers to Common Core Learning Standards

  • These CCLS were adopted by some schools and parents, requiring them to invest in computers and other technologies to allow students to connect to the internet to be able to evaluate their progress. Digital learning is a crucial component of the student learning process as we move into 21 st century. Our students are being prepared for the careers of tomorrow…many of these have yet to be invented.
  • The way that parents taught their children is not being taught to students. Parents trying to help students learn can often cause angst or confusion. However, the new CCLS methodology does offer greater opportunities for students and teachers to teach each skill.
  • Textbooks…text books are no longer the driving force in the curriculum….learning standards are. Teachers and parents still want to cover the textbook. CCLS is a system where the standards are the curriculum, and the textbook is a ‘one’ resource that supports the curriculum. Teaching a textbook from cover-to-cover is not standard-based teaching. Standards-based teaching is based on what students should be able and expected to know at each grade level.
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