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Rising Awareness about the Importance of Sports Apparels Leads to Increased Market Growth



Clothes worn while doing any physical exercises like walking, running, jogging, yoga, dancing, Pilates, boxing, etc. are called sports apparel. With a suitable sportswear, your confidence gets increased, you feel fresh for longer durations, you can avoid possible injuries, and also recovery process gets easy. That’s why it’s quite essential to wear appropriate sports apparel and hence there is an exponential rise in the sports apparel market.

Such clothing is designed specially to offer a better fit while undertaking dynamic physical training or an active lifestyle. These clothes have different properties and are made with several materials depending on the type of sport or activity the user is involved in.

Various types of fabrics used to make these clothes include cotton, microfiber, spandex, nylon, polyester, calico, etc. that help in making your workout sessions restful and support body movements with the best possible elasticity.

Significance of sports apparels:

When you wear suitable sportswear, it not only helps improve your performance and satisfaction but also diminishes the risk of injury. You should wear appropriate and stylish sportswear that has optimum elasticity to support your body movements, prevent injuries, and accelerate post-workout recovery.

Also, people are getting enticed by the product’s capacity to offer sweat wicking, breathability and better physical movements. These apparels safeguard from extreme weather conditions and also improve blood circulation.

Sportswear that is particularly designed for your sport also adds to your overall performance as they hold up the right muscle groups during the activity.

Let’s delve into some details about the sports apparel market:

Market growth in the sports apparel market is expected to be significant in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. According to market analysis conducted by Data Bridge Market Research, the market is growing at a CAGR of 5.2% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028 and may reach USD 277,010.78 million by 2028. Taking into account this massive growth rate, it is apparent that the market is here to further lead the world and evolve the fashion trends rapidly.

Market drivers for sports apparel market:

  • As health awareness is increasing and people are aiming to live an active lifestyle, they are increasingly incorporating sports and fitness activities into their daily routine. An increased growth in disposable income is also one of the reasons that make people get involved in sports activities. Due to such increased participation, market dynamics have changed that leads to increased demand for sports apparel.
  • Besides, the growing interest among both men and women in sports may boost the sports apparel market growth. The correct athletic clothing can help you stay away from sports injuries.
  • Growth in urban population and their increased involvement in fitness activities also surges the market growth of sports apparels.
  • Moreover, increasing sport sponsorships is acting as an opportunity for the growth of the sports apparel market.
  • A huge number of participants in the numerous sports activities lead to the growth of the sports apparel market.
  • Also, the growing demand for fashionable sports apparel is fuelling the growth of the market.
  • As more females are getting involved in several sports including football, volleyball, basketball, athletics and others, surge in demand of sports apparels is observed.

Market restraints for sports apparel market:

  • Commercialization of bogus sports apparel products is slowing down the growth of the sports apparel market.
  • Besides, as sports apparels are quite expensive, they put forward a big challenge for the growth of the sports apparel market.
  • Growth of counterfeit products in clothing, footwear, and leather goods acts as restraining factors.

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Few of the trends influencing the growth and size of the sports apparel market:

An increasing disposable income and consumers’ growing interest in fitness and health activities is supposed to grow the sports apparel market. Furthermore, the government and educational institutions are motivating students to take part in sports activities which results into increase in sports apparel market growth.

The sports apparel market is likely to be driven by rising female involvement in professional and domestic sports and fitness activities. Also, the sports and fashion together results in an increase in the accessibility of fashionable sports apparel.

Enhanced properties of sportswear such as moisture management, temperature control, and other performance-enhancing characteristics that prevent discomfort and potential injury has fascinated consumers to pay more for them.

Moreover, fashionable sports apparel is getting trendier because it is flexible, convenient, stylish, and can be worn for a variety of reasons. Key market players in the sports apparel are taking advantage of this improved emphasis on style and hence they are bringing in modern, comfortable, technically advanced products that practically meet this demand and leads to increased profitability.

The boost in sports sponsorships fuels the growth of the sports apparel market. The sports media industry invests a lot of money on advertising of sports goods and celebrity brand ambassadors that make more people to get into exercise. Besides, the association of athletes with sports apparel brands is influencing people to buy active wear. Thus, modern marketing and business strategies result into the market growth.

Final Words:

With this article, it can be easily understood how the importance of sports clothing is growing among people of all age groups and how it will fuel the market growth of sports apparels in the estimated forecast time period.




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