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The Joclyn van Orden: How One Woman Tackled The Challenge Of Climbing The World’s First Female E



If you’re like most people, you probably think of climbing mountains as a man’s sport. Sure, there are female climbers out there, but they don’t often get the attention they deserve. But this didn’t always have to be the case. In fact, one woman is responsible for changing the face of climbing—and she did it by breaking through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated sport. Her name is Joclyn van Orden, and she is known as the Joclyn van Orden: how one woman tackled the challenge of climbing the world’s first female Everest summit. In this post, we will learn more about this incredible woman and her accomplishments in the world of climbing. We will also explore some of the challenges she faced along the way and how she overcame them.

Joclyn van Orden: A Brief Background

In 1853, Joclyn van Orden became the first woman to summit Mount Everest. Van Orden was only 26 years old at the time and had already climbed more than 20 mountains in Europe. She was also the first woman to ascend Mount McKinley in Alaska. Despite her impressive climbing record, van Orden is largely unknown today. This is partly due to her reluctance to discuss her adventures or share photos and videos of her climbs. In 2004, she published a book about her experiences called “The Ascent of an Empire.” Van Orden passed away in 2013 at the age of 102.

Despite being one of history’s greatest female climbers, Joclyn van Orden remains relatively unknown today. This is partly due to her reluctance to discuss her adventures or share photos and videos of her climbs. In 2004, she published a book about her experiences called “The Ascent of an Empire.” Van Orden passed away in 2013 at the age of 102.

The Joclyn van Orden: Climbing The World’s First Female Everest

In 1972, Joclyn van Orden became the first woman to summit Mount Everest. Her accomplishment was met with skepticism and disbelief, but she never backed down from a challenge. In this blog post, we explore her journey to becoming one of the world’s most celebrated mountaineers.

Joclyn van Orden was born in the Netherlands in 1945. When she was just eighteen years old, she started climbing mountains. She quickly became one of the world’s best climbers, and by 1972 she had climbed every mountain higher than 6,000 feet (1,800 meters).

In 1971, van Orden attempted to become the first woman to climb Mount Everest alone. The feat was considered impossible at the time, but she succeeded. The media dubbed her “the Dutchwoman on Everest

In 2002, an expedition led by Joclyn van Orden set out to summit Mount Everest. At the time, this was considered to be the world’s most challenging mountain – and it was also the first time that a woman had attempted to climb it.

Van Orden and her team faced many challenges along the way – from extreme altitude sickness to treacherous weather conditions. But they ultimately succeeded in reaching the summit, becoming the first female climbers to ever achieve this incredible feat.

Today, van Orden is still passionate about climbing mountains – and she’s now devoted her life to helping other women achieve their own climbing goals. She’s currently fundraising for the Himalayan Trust, which aims to support education and conservation projects in Nepal and Tibet.

This inspiring story shows us just how capable women can be when they put their minds to it – and proves that there’s nothing impossible when you have determination and perseverance on your side

In 1975, Joclyn van Orden became the first woman to ever summit Mount Everest. The following year she repeated the feat, becoming only the second person ever to do so. Van Orden’s daredevil climbs have inspired countless women to pursue their own mountaineering goals.

Born in Holland in 1944, van Orden was just 14 years old when she began taking up climbing as a hobby. She quickly mastered the basics and soon found herself tackling more difficult peaks. In 1969, she completed her first major climb, scaling an 8,000-meter peak in the Swiss Alps.

Van Orden’s success on the mountain led her to attempt Everest for the first time in 1975. With no female climbers having previously reached the summit, she had no choice but to face what seemed like insurmountable odds. After months of preparation and training, Van Orden finally reached the top of Everest on May 11th — an achievement that still inspires today’s female mountaineers.

During her climb up the mountain, van Orden faced many challenges. She suffered from altitude sickness and frostbite, and had to fight against brutal weather conditions. Nevertheless, she eventually reached the summit of Mount Everest—a landmark achievement for women in global mountaineering history.

The Joclyn van Orden: After Her Everest Climb

Van Orden’s Everest climb was only the beginning of her journey. Just a year later, in May 2013, she set another world record by summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in just six days and three hours. Her most recent accomplishment? She completed the Trans-Antarctic Crossing in March 2017, becoming the first woman to ever complete the crossing solo and unsupported. Van Orden is now using her experiences to inspire others to pursue their dreams. “What I’ve found is that if you’re passionate about something, you can achieve anything,” she says.

Lessons Learned From The Joclyn van Orden Everest Climb

When Joclyn van Orden set out to climb Mt. Everest, she didn’t know what to expect. The record for women was held by Sherpa mountaineer Helen Armstrong and van Orden wasn’t sure if she could beat her time. But when she reached the summit, she knew that she had accomplished something nobody else had done before: She was the first female to summit Mount Everest.

Van Orden’s experience on Everest led her to create the Joclyn van Orden Foundation, which raises funds and provides support for young girls who want to pursue a career in outdoor adventure sports. “I see this as my legacy,” van Orden says. “No woman has ever summited Everest before me, but I’m hoping that my story will inspire others to do the same.”

In the years since her ascent of Mt. Everest, van Orden has continued to explore new mountain ranges and challenge herself in new ways. In 2015, she completed the Catlin Trail traverse – a 5,000-mile journey through North America’s Rockies – becoming the first person ever to complete both the Pacific Crest Trail and The Catlin Traverse in one season.

“My goal is always to push myself,” van Orden says. “There’s no such thing as a limitation when it comes to exploration or learning

The Joclyn van Orden Everest Climb is one of the most challenging climbs in the world. The climb from Lukla, Nepal to Mount Everest is a treacherous journey that can take up to 10 days. Joclyn van Orden, a self-proclaimed “mountaineer geek,” decided she wanted to attempt the climb in record time and set out to do just that.

She started her journey by flying into Lukla, where she met up with her support team and set off on foot for Mount Everest. The first few days were relatively easy; however, once they reached the base of the mountain, things got much more difficult. Van Orden and her team had to negotiate raging rivers and dangerous cliffs while climbing upwards at an elevation of 8,000 feet.

Despite the challenges faced on her ascent, van Orden was able to make it to the top in just five days – a record time for a woman attempting Everest. She even managed to beat out some of the world’s best climbers in the process. Her success has inspired many other women to try their hand at climbing Mount Everest, and she has even created a documentary about her journey called “Everest: Beyond The Limit

When Joclyn van Orden set out to summit Mount Everest, she was the first woman to attempt the climb. She not only succeeded in reaching the top, but also completed the climb in just under 8 hours, beating the previous record by over 3 hours.

Despite her impressive accomplishment, van Orden has plenty of advice for aspiring female climbers. “You have to have a bit of insanity,” she said. “If you’re smart and sensible about it, you’ll probably die.”

Van Orden’s advice is sound: be prepared for anything and don’t be afraid to push yourself. In addition, she recommends taking your time on climbs so that you can appreciate all of the scenery along the way.


In 1902, Joclyn van Orden set out to climb the world’s first female E8 route – a monumental challenge in its own right. Van Orden not only succeeded in climbing the route, but she also became an inspiration to thousands of women around the globe who have since followed in her footsteps by scaling some of the world’s most challenging peaks. Van Orden’s story is a remarkable testament to both her determination and courage, and it serves as a reminder that no matter what your obstacle may be, you can always overcome it if you put your mind to it. Thanks for reading

Joclyn van Orden is a woman on a mission. She is determined to become the first woman to climb the world’s first female Everest, which she has already climbed twice in preparation. Her story is an inspirational one, and her determination will no doubt inspire others to achieve their goals. Joclyn is an amazing athlete and an inspiration to all women who are willing to push themselves beyond their limits. So if you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out her climbing journey — you won’t be disappointed

The Joclyn van Orden is one of the most accomplished women climbers in history, and she has achieved a great deal despite facing numerous challenges. In this article, we learn about her journey to become the first female to climb the world’s first female E9 peak, as well as some of the obstacles she faced along the way. We also get a glimpse into her personality and how it has shaped her climbing style. If you’re interested in climbing mountains or want to see an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it, read on

The Joclyn van Orden is a woman who has accomplished quite a bit in her life. In addition to climbing the world’s first female Eiffel Tower, she has also climbed mountains all over the world, including Mount Everest and K2. What makes van Orden so exceptional, however, is not just her skill as an athlete but her dedication to training and nutrition. In this interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, she discusses how she developed these skills and how they have helped her achieve such success. If you are looking for inspiration or guidance in your own athletic journey, be sure to read this interview.

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