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Inside the Mind of Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor: The Design Philosophy of John Fetterman’s House



Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is a man of many interests and passions, from social justice to tattoos. But did you know that his design philosophy extends beyond just his personal appearance? Take a peek inside the mind of this unconventional politician through the lens of his house. With its unique blend of industrial and vintage styles, it’s clear that Fetterman has put much thought into every detail. Let’s dive in to discover how this home reflects the personality and values of its owner.

The History of Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor’s House

The home of Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor, John Fetterman, has a rich history that dates back to the 1870s. Originally built as a Victorian-style mansion for a wealthy coal baron, the house was later converted into a funeral home before being purchased by Fetterman in 2011.

Despite its previous uses, Fetterman saw great potential in the property and set out to transform it into his dream home. He spent countless hours renovating and decorating the space with unique touches that reflect his personality and values.

One of the most notable features of the house is its industrial aesthetic. From exposed brick walls to metal accents throughout, this style pays homage to Fetterman’s hometown of Braddock – once known for its steel mills.

In addition to its industrial elements, there are also vintage pieces scattered throughout the house. These include old maps, antique furniture pieces and artwork from local artists that add character and charm to every room.

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor’s House is more than just a place where he resides; it’s an extension of who he is as both an individual and politician.

The Design of the House

The design of Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor’s house is a unique blend of modern and historic features, reflecting the personality and taste of John Fetterman. The house was built in 1930 as part of the Hershey Estates, which also included Hershey Park and the world-renowned Hershey Hotel.

The interior design mixes antique furnishings with contemporary art pieces that showcase Fetterman’s eclectic style. He likes to combine vintage finds with modern elements to create a space that feels both nostalgic and current.

One of the most striking features of the house is its use of bold colors throughout. From bright red cabinets in the kitchen to vibrant blue walls in one bedroom, each room has its own distinct color scheme that adds character to the overall design.

Fetterman has also incorporated sustainable practices into his home’s design by installing solar panels on the roof and using energy-efficient appliances wherever possible.

Fetterman has created a comfortable yet stylish living space for himself and his family through thoughtful design choices that reflect his personal tastes while incorporating environmentally conscious elements.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Philosophy on Design

When it comes to design, Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has a unique philosophy. He believes that design should be functional and not just aesthetically pleasing. For him, the purpose of design is to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable.

This philosophy is evident in his house, which he designed himself. Every aspect of the house serves a purpose – from the giant steel doors to the repurposed shipping containers used as rooms. The furniture is all made from reclaimed wood or metal, adding an industrial feel to the space.

Fetterman also values sustainability in his designs. His house features solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems that help reduce its impact on the environment.

But beyond functionality and sustainability, Fetterman also believes that good design should tell a story. His home showcases many pieces of artwork created by local artists, each with their own unique style and story behind them.

Fetterman’s philosophy on design can be summed up as practicality meets creativity meets sustainability. And this approach has resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind home that perfectly reflects his personality and values.

How the House Reflects the Lieutenant Governor’s Personality

The design of John Fetterman’s house is a reflection of his personality. The house is a mix of vintage and modern elements, which represents the Lieutenant Governor’s love for both traditional styles and contemporary designs.

One can also see from the interior that he values simplicity over extravagance. The furniture pieces are simple yet elegant, with clean lines and neutral colors dominating the space.

John Fetterman’s fascination for unique art pieces can also be seen throughout the home. He has displayed various artwork collections on his walls, ranging from abstract to pop art.

Moreover, one cannot ignore the fact that John Fetterman is a man who loves plants; this can be observed in almost every corner of his home. Plants have been strategically placed to create an ambiance of peace and freshness inside the house.

The living room area highlights how much he enjoys spending time with family and friends as it is furnished with comfortable seating options for everyone present to enjoy each other’s company.

John Fetterman’s House reflects not only his taste in design but also showcases how he values simplicity, uniqueness, comfortability while still highlighting his passion for nature and devotion towards family bonding.


John Fetterman’s house is a true reflection of his personality and design philosophy. The Lieutenant Governor’s love for industrial aesthetics, bold colors, and unique artwork is evident in every corner of his home. The house showcases how one can make an old space look modern with creativity and imagination.

Fetterman has shown that he uses the same approach to design as he does to politics – with transparency, authenticity, and passion. His design choices show that he believes in being true to oneself rather than following trends or conventional norms.

The Lieutenant Governor’s House might not be perfect from a designer’s perspective but it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting homes in Pennsylvania. It encourages people to embrace their individuality when it comes to designing their homes instead of blindly following traditional styles.

John Fetterman has set an example as someone who thinks outside the box by creating a unique living space that reflects his values and personality. He has proven that good design isn’t just about style but also about telling a story through spaces where people live, work, play or lead.

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