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Signs Your Skin Is Simply Purging After Using A New Product



Don’t we all hate when we have just started using a product, and suddenly it starts doing exactly the opposite that it claimed to? The doctor’s recommended acne-clearing serum infused with a retinoid suddenly covers your face with pus-filled pimples. As difficult of a pill as it is to swallow, we are here to say that it is normal.

If you are dealing with the fellow misfortune of dealing with acne scars, then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the causes of purging and, most importantly, signs that this is a purge and not a bad reaction.

Because if it is the latter, you might have to change the products rather than wait for the purging to stop.

What Is Purging

Starting your skincare regime with new chemical products (known to treat acne or signs of aging) can increase your cell turnover. A negative part of this treatment is that it causes purging, which means it quickly brings any form of inflammation and impurities to the surface.

Skin purging can look bad for someone starting such a routine with acne-prone skin. It causes clusters of pus-filled acne to form in the already affected places. Most people think it is because of a reaction from the ingredient (which could be the cause).

Yes, there is a difference between purging and pigmentation. Let us discuss that before we get into the proper signs of aging.

Difference Between Purging & Reaction

Skin purging is when dealing with the same skin condition you have been having increases. For example, if the doctor recommends retinol as pale skin products for acne scars and blemishes, you will see them purge in the same spot.

Reaction on the other end will give rise to new skincare conditions, like acne in new places and even other allergies.

Moreover, purging will worsen the condition; the reaction will give rise to new.

Signs It Is Purging & Not A Reaction

Here are some of the signs you should be glad to see on your skin. This generally means your skin is simply purging and not having a bad reaction to the product.

1. Increase Of Acne In A Shorter Period

The pimples will start coming to the surface quickly. Yes, it is a difficult time that you have to go through but remember it is just a phase.

With the skin turnover quickening, the subdermal inflammation is brought to the surface quickly. This means they are clearing up the skin and quickening the healing process.

2. Dryness Of The Skin

Active agents like Retinoid and benzoyl peroxide are known to be excellent chemicals for treating acne and acne scars. However, they also have a bad side effect of excessively drying the skin. This will lead to flaking of the skin around your mouth, corners of the nose, and forehead (essentially where your t-zone is).

Doctors will recommend continuously washing your face and applying moisturizer. Use hydrating serum like Hyaluronic acid before sleeping.

3. Inflamed Pustules

Even if you generally suffer from cystic acne, you are less likely to get them when in the purging period. The purging acne is generally mild cystic and filled with painful pustules. It is because the ingredient is getting the excess sebum out in order to restore our natural skin barrier.

So, it might be a little painful, but then again, you have to focus on the good part of purging; it is the healing process.

5. It Goes Away In 25-30 Days

Purging will not remain on the skin forever. An acne purging period after introducing a strong topical skincare agent is most likely to stay 25-30 days from the beginning of purging.

Try not to touch your face, and most importantly, pop your pimple during this time period. However, if the purging is not subsiding within a month, do see a dermatologist immediately.

How To Ease Your Purging!

Here are some of the dermatologist-recommended methods to stop your purging.

  • Stop applying makeup when the skin is healing would be best if you have to opt for natural, non-comedogenic labeled makeup.
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin from within.
  • Moisturize your skin well, and don’t allow it to be too dry for too long.
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