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How to Grow Instagram Followers in 10 Steps: Social Media Infographics?



Though there have been many social apps where you can find what you want, like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is not less valuable. It has been emerging so rapidly now that people consider it as their fourth meal of the day to fulfil their appetite.

Instagram allows its users to enjoy a great variety of features, and by using them, you may create anything and explore and assess almost everything that is happening across the globe.

Herein, you can invest too. Investment is not in the form of money but effort. Whenever you create a social account, your ultimate goal is to promote your content which is determined by the Instagram followers you have.

If you have a number of followers and you think that it is the time to take a hype in this number, you need to take some extremely right steps.

Only a smart strategy can serve your purpose and answer your question about how to grow Instagram followers. Find out how you can achieve this goal by reading on.

Step 1: optimisation of Your Account

First of all, your profile must be fully optimized. An unlabelled item is usually suspicious. Ans if you are not representing yourself through your profile, how does someone take an insight of what you are. So if you really want to grow the number of followers you already have, you need to make things easy for the newcomers.

So try to portray yourself and your service through your account bio. You should add your service detail in the most precise ways so that the readers instantly get an insight into what the account is all about. It will definitely drag them to you.

Step 2: Add Hashtags

Hashtags are the soul of the posts. A person gets quick access to a relevant post if it contains hashtags. Whenever a topic is searched on Instagram, the hashtags of that relevant topic will emerge.

That means it is a portal to what has been sought. If you add more hashtags in the description of your posts, it is more likely to get followers.

Step 3: Stay Active

Stay active. People hate delays, and procrastination is considered a menace to the all, especially in marketing. Do not let your followers wait for you to post, or else they might get bored. If your posts are consistent, it will help the promotion of your page by the followers you already have.

So, if you are posting relevant content according to the demands of the viewer and you are punctual in doing so, you have got the upper hand. This is a simple but very effective tip to grow your followers.

Step 4: Use Filters

The filter seems so unimportant, but wait! It is not. The filter is the key catcher of followers. The filter light does have a great impact on the mind of whosoever is watching it.

It gives a glance of the professionalism you may have, and the right use of these filters can capture the audience and compel them to s=visit your profile; there is a great chance that they may follow you.

Step 5: Get your Niche’s followers.

It might sound a bit weary of capturing the audience of someone else’s business, but if the goal is to serve, there is no harm in that.

All you need to do is to go to the influencer of your niche and try interacting with them by liking their posts and commenting on them. They will definitely visit yours too, and you will be more followers than before.

Step 6: Upload from Other Accounts

It gives an upswing to your follower number, and you should try it from others’ accounts. You must try to interact and collaborate with those having a solid follower base and ask them to advertise your account.

It will help you to reach an audience that might not get a chance to be gone. So when posted from several other accounts, your post will become a source of followers’ growth.

Step 7: Story Highlights

When you are being followed, your old posts may not be available for those who have just joined you, or they may find it difficult to scroll and assess your skills. So add your best works to your story highlights.

Whenever a wandering visitor comes across your profile, it becomes easy for him to see what you can give him. It will help the male decision quickly, and thus in a sec, he might tap follow button.

Step 8: Give Them What They Want

It is a fact that people only see through their desired lenses. If you are posting things that are not exactly in accordance with their desire, you might lag in the race of followers.

You need to ensure that your content is liked and followed by your users, and it can only be possible if you post relevant content. Relevance ensures exponential increase.

Step 9: Invest in Sponsorship

To elevate your follower count, you need to get your post sponsored. For that, search for some effective influencer on Instagram and follow them. Inquire about their sponsorship mechanism, and get yourself promoted by them.

It takes an investment to do so, but once you have done this, you will realize that it was worth investing in sponsorship.

Step 10: Start Conversing

If you want to get a thrust in the number of followers, try engaging those you already have. The more you interact with them, the more your mutual confidentiality is, and the more is the proliferation of the process. It will bring you fruitful results, and you will see how rapidly your followers increase.


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