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Some Trending Birthday Cake For Your Special One To Surprise



Birthday is the time when everybody looks forward to surprizes. The cake is a delicious dessert that adds more excitement and enthusiasm. They are a part of every occasion whether big or small. Nowadays, cakes are of different flavours, shapes and sizes. Their size and fluffiness tempt everybody whether young or old. There are different varieties of cakes which we can get, according to our choice in just a few clicks sitting at home, online. So, these days, one can get birthday cake USA delivery also easily. Some trendy birthday cakes are listed below.

  1. Chocolate cake

This cake is the favourite of all. No one can beat its taste and flavour. Chocolate lovers can’t resist its fluffy moist and chocolaty taste. Sometimes in some cakes, the crunchiness of Choco chips is awesome. If we wanted to gift someone, it is the one which always flashes upon our minds. There are so many types like-double chocolate, ice-cream chocolate cake, triple chocolate, chocolate mousse etc. In this range, the new pinata cake is above our thoughts. In this cake, one has to break it with a wooden hammer and in it are different surprizes waiting for the birthday boy or girl. This is the most wanted cake in the USA as it opens with many surprizes.

  1. Red velvet cake

As the name suggests this cake is red in colour and it gives the royal look. It seems as if someone has opened her or his heart. It is generally ordered at weddings and valentines. Its red colour adds richness to its quality. It is so tempting and fluffy that no one can resist its strawberry taste. The glace of red strawberry is so mouth-watering that it enhances its taste to the top. Sometimes, it is red-brown crimson or scarlet-coloured covered with white cream which when cut appears beautiful.

  1. KitKat cake

This cake is mostly preferred by children, or we can say KitKat lovers. This cake is kin to chocolate cake only but the only difference which makes it more tempting is its castle of KitKat chocolates. This cake is covered with KitKat with gems in the middle which highlights more with its different colours. It attracts the children, and they can’t resist its look and devour to eat.

  1. Designer cake

This is another lip-smacking and enticing cake gesture to offer in a new style. It can be offered to our loved ones according to their taste, like if someone like purses we can give the shape of a purse if dolls then cake in the shape of the doll and so on. It is the most appealing option to impress our loved ones through their things of interest and taste is awesome too. If any boy likes cricket we can show bat, wickets and all. It is beyond our imagination and cools too. Its rewarding delicacy is mesmerizing. Designer cake delivery will easily reach your doorstep with just one click due to the use of this great technology.

  1. Ice Cream Cake

This cake is trending nowadays as in this cake no baking is needed. As the name suggests it is made of ice cream of different flavours. The layers of ice cream are assembled in a cake. The first layer may be of one flavour, the other layer may be of another flavour. It is particularly eaten in North America and Australia. In Europe, it is little known but in the UK to it is eaten as Swiss roll ice-cream cake. It is not baked bot frozen in moulds or pans. Whipped cream is used for topping the cake, and then it is frozen till serving. Sometimes it is covered with simply baked cake just like cassata ice cream. For those who live on ice-creams, this cake is the best option.

  1. Hidden sweetie gems surprize cake

This cake is a new hit party cake. When one cut the cake surprisingly many colourful candies tumble out of the cake leaving everybody surprized can be ordered at birthday parties, weddings, holiday gatherings etc. It’s just like a pinata cake which is just hit with a hammer and it brings many surprizes inside whether it be toffee, candy or maybe a wedding ring as the imagination goes.

  1. Pineapple vanilla cake

This cake is evergreen and fresh. Its fluffiness gives it more flavour and one can’t resist eating it. It’s plain and delicious and on top, it is more fresh and fluffy with pineapple chunks embedded in it which gives more flavour to it. The glace of pineapple and its yellow colour attracts everybody whether children or uncles and aunts. It is so fresh that it is liked by our grandparents very much. Sometimes it is decorated with pineapple pieces on top which give an awesome look. Anyone can go for this fresh and fluffy cake.

  1. White Forest cake

This cake is simple and sober. It is made of cream and chocolate not black but white as the name suggests. Now you might be thinking that what is the difference between a black forest and a white forest? The difference is in chocolate. White is made of white chocolate and black of brown chocolate. Both have great taste. This cake is spongy and fluffy with lots of creams and white chocolate. It comes in different names such as White forest cream cake, Rosy white forest cake, White forest cherry cake etc.

Eventually, l would prefer that from all the Indian desserts, and that for celebrations, cakes are the best option to choose. Its spongy, enticing, scrumptious, delicious, flavour-packed taste always attracts people of all ages. It establishes a cheerful and joyful mood all over. It makes the event more happening and pleasant for the people around. It makes a person’s day more special and unique and is remembered forever. The cake is a unique part of every birthday which would remain unique in the years to come. When the piece of cake goes into one’s mouth it seems as if we are in paradise so without any hesitation go for it.


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