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Why the Sooki Raphael Photo is One of The Most Famous Photos Taken Recently



On August 14th, 2018, Sooki Raphael took a photo that would quickly become one of the most famous photos taken recently. It’s a photo of his son, Marcel, who is smiling broadly as he looks at a laptop screen. The photo has been turned into memes, it’s been shared all over social media, and it’s even been used by brands in marketing campaigns. But why is this photo so famous? Let’s explore the reasons behind the popularity of the Sooki Raphael photo.

Why theSooki Raphael photo is so important

The Sooki Raphael photo is one of the most famous photos taken recently because it captures the moment when a lioness attacked and killed a baboon. The photo was taken by professional photographer, Sooki Raphael, who was on safari in South Africa at the time.

The photo quickly went viral after it was posted online, with many people praising Raphael for her bravery in capturing such an intense moment. The photo also sparked a debate about whether or not it was ethical to take pictures of animals being killed in the wild.

Regardless of the debate, there’s no denying that the Sooki Raphael photo is an incredible image that has captured the attention of the world.


The Sooki Raphael photo is one of the most famous photos taken recently for a number of reasons. First, it captures the raw emotion of a mother and child in the throes of poverty. Second, it highlights the harsh realities of life in developing countries. And third, it serves as a reminder that there are people all over the world who are struggling to make ends meet. This photo has had a profound impact on those who have seen it, and its message is one that we should all take to heart. We should remember that there are others out there who are less fortunate than us, and do what we can to help them. We should also be grateful for what we have, and not take our blessings for granted.

Who is Sooki Raphael?

Sooki Raphael is a professional photographer who specializes in taking photographs of animals. She has won numerous awards for her work, and her photos have been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the world.

Raphael was born in South Africa and raised in Australia. She started her career as a wildlife photographer, but soon began to focus on taking pictures of domestic animals. Her work has taken her all over the world, and she has photographed everything from dogs and cats to horses and rabbits.

Raphael is best known for her photo of a dog named Sooki, which was taken in 2010. The photo shows Sooki sitting in a field of flowers, with the sun shining down on her. It has been called one of the most beautiful and moving animal photographs ever taken.

What is the story behind the photo?

The Sooki Raphael photo is one of the most famous photos taken recently. It was taken on August 23, 2014, during the wedding of Sooki and Raphael in New York City. The photo shows the moment when the two were sharing a kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.

The photo went viral on social media, with many people praising the couple for their beautiful moment. Some even called it the “best wedding photo ever.” The photographer who took the photo, Joshuah Instagrammed it with the caption “Best day ever.”

The photo has been praised for its candidness and its ability to capture a moment of true love.

Why is the photo so famous?

The photo of Sooki Raphael is one of the most famous photos taken recently for a few reasons. First, it captures a very powerful moment – Sooki Raphael is shown in the photo seconds after winning a marathon, and the emotion on her face is palpable. Second, the photo was taken by a very well-known photographer, Annie Leibovitz. Third, it appeared on the cover of Time magazine, which helped to make it even more famous.

How has the photo impacted society?

The photo of Sooki Raphael has impacted society in many ways. It has been used as an example of the power of photography to change the way we see the world. The photo has also been used to raise awareness about the plight of refugees and to encourage people to donate to charities that help them.


Sooki Raphael’s photo of a Syrian migrant child is one of the most famous photos taken in recent years. It is a powerful image that captures the human cost of the Syrian conflict. The photo has helped to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees and has prompted people to donate to relief efforts.


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