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Discover the essential Microsoft apps that can revolutionize your business operations



From the powerful collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, to the seamless file management of OneDrive, this article highlights six must-have Microsoft apps for any modern business. Boost productivity, enhance communication, and unlock valuable insights with these versatile tools.

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, technology has become an indispensable asset for organizations striving to stay competitive. In particular, Microsoft – a global leader in technology – has been at the forefront of providing efficient and effective business technology.

With a suite of robust applications designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises, Microsoft offers a range of solutions that empower businesses in numerous ways. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a London-based Microsoft provider. TechQuarters have been providing IT support services in London for over a decade, so we asked them to list the top Microsoft apps that they think every business should consider utilizing.


  1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email and scheduling tool that businesses have been relying on for many years now. It has grown alongside the other foundational Microsoft solutions, to become a cornerstone product in Microsoft 365 – a key productivity suite for businesses.

Outlook has many features that support business communication. On top of being one of the most reliable email clients on the market, it has important business features – like professional email signatures, automatic replies, and incoming message filtering.

Outlook also have a contacts section, and a high-quality calendar that can be shared and integrated with other colleague’s (and their own calendars).


  1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a staple of business, having been around for several decades, and evolved with every iteration of Microsoft Office, right up to Microsoft 365, where it is another key product of the suite.

Not only an easy-to-learn, versatile data entry and management tool, Excel can be leveraged for powerful data visualisation and reporting purposes. Its extensive library of functions and formulas allows you to manipulate and analyse data in many ways. As an IT support company businesses have relied on for over 12 years, TechQuarters agreed that Excel is a foundational tool for businesses of every sector.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides businesses with a unified digital workspace with comprehensive communication and collaboration features.

Using Microsoft Teams, users can divide their departmental work, projects, and conversations into different channels on the platform. In addition to that, the platform has instant messaging, videoconferencing, and internet telephony integrated – meaning that, together with Outlook, the Microsoft 365 suite offers unified communications. Teams also supports file sharing and management within channels.

  1. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint serves as a comprehensive and centralized document management system, enabling organizations to efficiently store, organize, and share documents and information.

In particular, SharePoint excels as a document collaboration and versioning tool – as it is cloud-based, it means several people can view the same file at the same time, and a record of all changes is stored in the cloud, too. If mistakes are made in a document, SharePoint makes it easy to restore a previous version of the document.

SharePoint integrates very well with other Microsoft products. For example, users can import files from SharePoint directly into Microsoft Teams for viewing, collaborating, or simply sharing with colleagues.


From the seamless communication and scheduling capabilities of Outlook to the collaborative power of Teams, by incorporating these apps into their operations, organizations can unlock a multitude of benefits.

Based on their experience providing Microsoft 365 consulting for businesses in London, TechQuarters stated that they strongly encourage businesses to explore and implement these Microsoft apps, as they have the potential to transform the way teams collaborate, manage information, and drive success.

Embrace the power of Microsoft’s suite of business apps and propel your organization towards new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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