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Health issues can be treated with astrological remedies



Health astrology is associated with the treatment of various diseases and diseases related to them. It focuses on identifying the root cause and treatment of disease based on the influence of planets and their movement in different houses.

It is believed that nakshatras, houses, and zodiac signs are affected by the movements of the planet and can cause diseases. The help of astrology can help in curing the disease of the body.


Shani Healing Astrology

Knees, leg muscles, teeth, hair, spleen skin, ears, and feet are all associated with the planet. The health sector of astrology deals with abdominal pain and diseases related to bones. Paralysis, deafness, hair loss, tumors, hysteria, mental stress, dental problems, and, muscle pain.

Moon Healing Astrology

Eyes, lungs, digestion, the amount of water present in the body, blood of the lungs, brain, and kidneys are included. The heart associated with health astrology deals with problems such as blood poisoning, vomiting, menstrual disorders, diabetes, conditions of collapsed mammary glands, and cough.

Sun Healing Astrology

It affects parts of the body such as the right eye, heart, head, skin, and abdomen. It is often associated with a variety of diseases, including right eye problems, heart diseases, bone fractures, head, and skin problems, and also can affect the bones.

Jupiter Healing Astrology

Astrology includes organs such as brain tissue, memory, liver, lungs, as well as fat. It addresses disorders of the tongue, kidney, liver, diabetes, cancer, hemorrhages, and ear problems.

Mercury Healing Astrology

It focuses on the nose, skin, and lungs. It is addressed to the nerves of the mouth, gallbladder, spinal cord, and umbilical cord. It causes diseases like nose, gall bladder fractures, ulcers which cause skin disorders, and cholera.

Venus Healing Astrology

Astrology is associated with the field of vision. face, glands, as well as the amount of water. It is the cause of the condition of the throat and face, eyes, diabetes, venereal diseases, impotence as well as loss of luster of the body.

Mars Healing Astrology

It is associated with energy sources such as blood vessels, nerves of the rectum, and female organs. Medical astrology associated with Mars describes conditions of the neck, bruises, cuts, itchy eyes, bone fractures, high blood pressure, fistulas as well as diseases of the rectum and hernias. Menstrual irregularity problems.

The solution to many types of health problems:

Sun Remedies

If you are dealing with eye problems, a weak heart, or other problems, try these steps:


  • You dress in bright colors.
  • Drink sugar mixed with water.
  • Feed cows and monkeys.
  • Avoid eating animal products.
  • Do not accept gifts.

Moon Remedies


Are you suffering from diseases caused by Moon, then you can overcome this problem with these remedies.


  • Feed the birds and keep water for them to drink.
  • Do not do any kind of business-related to milk.
  • May your mother always be happy and take blessings.
  • Feed sweets to little girls.


Jupiter Remedies


If your Jupiter is not that powerful, then you will have problems like diabetes, obesity, along with liver and jaundice. This solution can help you.


  • Use a vehicle, pen, or any other object from your father.
  • Distribute banana sweets to the people.
  • Help your brothers and sisters in their work.
  • You wear a yellow turban or cap.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead every day.
  • Wear gold ornaments.


Mars Remedies


If your Mars is weak, then you are likely to suffer from diseases like accidents, miscarriages, surgeries, injuries, and burns. To solve this, take the measures given below.


  • Keep ivory in the house.
  • Carry orange-colored clothes with you.
  • You plant a neem tree.
  • Feed the cows regularly.
  • Raise money for good work.


Mercury Remedies


Weak Mercury can cause skin problems. You can fix the problems by adopting these measures for your health treatment.


  • Offer milk and rice in temples.
  • Water should be drunk from silver glass only.
  • Do not consume alcohol and meat.
  • feed the cows.
  • Always wear clean clothes.




In conclusion, it is safe to say that health is important in our life. The best way to predict health is to learn more about it. It is possible to online astrology consultation to know your overall health and to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.



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